Adding LED lighting to each of your shelving units provides unprecedented visibility to any van interior. LED lighting allows you to see everything that is on and in your shelves with a level of clarity never experienced before. Ask about pricing and availability today! 

The Slick Locks SPINNER 360™ slip rings are specifically designed to be installed on each puck lock. To protect against tampering and insure further security to your puck lock, Spinners turn the locks into a rotating bearing that prohibits locks from being twisted off. It just spins! Spinners will remain on puck locks at all times using a stainless steel ring with a key way access hole for easy lock on and off usage. For your convenience, Spinners can be easily removed from the puck locks for routine cleaning and lock maintenance. By simply using the Spinner 360™ on your puck lock with the official Slick Locks Blade Brackets™, you will be instantly adding the most complete security protection for your vehicle available and ONLY from Slick Locks!

Slick Locks Spinner 360™

Slick Locks Puck Locks™

Premium quality Slick Locks PUCK LOCKS™ are constructed using heavy duty harden steel designed to provide the highest level of vehicle security possible. Our steel shank keys are much stronger and durable than the typical brass keys most manufacturers supply. By safely securing your vehicle with Slick Locks puck locks in combination with our patented Spinner 360™ and Weather Shield™, you will be fully equipped with the most preferred vehicle locking system on the market today!

Slick Locks Weather Shield™


Slick Locks patented WEATHER SHIELD™ is a cutting edge weather cover designed to protect your puck locks from dust, road grime, salt, and snow. It also keeps your lock from icing up on those cold wintery days. Slick Locks Weather Shield™ is made of rubberized flexible PVC that was specifically developed to fit tightly over Slick Locks Spinner 360™. The Weather Shield™ installed on the Spinner 360™ has a keyway access hole that allows for convenient, easy lock usage without ever having to remove the cover or spinners from the locks. The distinctively designed Slick Locks Weather Shield™ is the ultimate device in ensuring complete lock protection.

FloorLiner - Laser Measured for a perfect fit, our best 3D protection for your vehicle floor

FloorLiners are laser measured to protect the front, back and even up the sides of your vehicles footwell. For ultimate strength and dependability, FloorLiners feature high-density core materials and are engineered with advanced surfacing that carries messes away from shoes and clothing.

In the quest for the most advanced concept in floor protection, the talented designers and engineers at WeatherTech have worked tirelessly to develop the most advanced floor protection available today! 

The WeatherTech FloorLiner accurately and completely lines the interior carpet giving "absolute interior protection"!  The WeatherTech FloorLiner lines the interior carpet up the front, back and even up the sides of the vehicle’s footwell.  Digital laser measurements of interior surfaces offer a consistently perfect fit!

A patent pending High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material allows for a rigid core for strength while offering surface friction to the carpet, as well as tactile feel to the surface! Advanced surfacing creates channels that carry fluids and debris to a lower reservoir with further channeling to help minimize fluid movement while driving!  Once fluids become trapped in the reservoir, away from shoes and clothing, they are easily removed from the WeatherTech FloorLiner over the door sill. 
No muss-no fuss! 

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