Simply the best way to organize and access your van's gear!


With CargoGlide, you can easily access and organize your tools and gear. 

Loading and unloading is faster, safer and easier with a CargoGlide.

Watch the intro video or continue scrolling below for CargoGlide SideWalls.

CargoGlide Features Include:

  • Deck: Industrial laminated ¾” marine grade plywood with a slip-free rubber top layer

  • Thrust bearings for smooth operation

  • Safety stops every 10”

  • Recessed handles

  • Extension: 70% or 100% (XL models)

  • Heavy duty tie downs

Available weight capacities: 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800 or 2200 lbs.


CargoGlide Gallery

Trucks, vans, service bodies, SUVs and Jeeps.


CargoGlide SideWalls

Fits most vans. Accepts most shelving and has a 500 lb. weight capacity. The WallSlide System is a steel framework mounted inside the van with aluminum sliding walls. WallSlide is designed to attach any brand of shelving, bins, and containers onto the sliding walls.

Customizable options include:

  • Remote / Motorized wall

  • Ceiling slide ladder racks

  • Top weather canopy

  • Bulkhead WallSlide (van side door slide)

  • Lighting


Contact us today for more information on CargoGlide products and pricing for your van! Also see CargoGlide for Trucks.