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HD UltraGrip


Extremely anti-slip, rigid 1/2″ thick 100% rubber coated composite plastic.

UltraGrip floor is the most anti-slip rigid floor in its class. Non-porous surface is liquid-resistant to eliminate bacteria and mold formation.


Heavy-duty protection adds to end-of-lease resale value with the added benefit of a non-slip surface.

Combines a rigid floor and rubber mat for the most cost-effective option.

March 2019 - In harshly cold, snowy Minnesota, Legend Insulated DuraTherm was put to the ultimate test, to see if the insulation and material makes a difference in such harsh weather.
We wanted to prove the power of DuraTherm’s insulation and illustrate how it can help your cargo van fleets create a more temperature-controlled interior. 

Step 1 - Upfit ProMaster #1, a 136" WB with Legend complete kit including Insulated DuraTherm Wall, Ceiling, and Door liners, StabiliGrip Rigid Flooring, and Aluminum Sill Plates. This was to be the van that should hold the heat in and prove its thermal barrier. 

Step 2 - get the ProMaster #2, also a 136" WB, and leave it empty. Are liners really necessary when insulating a van is of high priority? 

Step 3 - park the ProMasters in the snowy parking lot, shut the doors, and turn them on. See the results below. 

As seen in the results above, the van with no wall liners at all couldn't hold a candle to the van with Insulated DuraTherm. 

The empty van took over twice as long to heat up to room temperature because so much heat was being lost through the bare van panels. The van with wall panels was able to get up to a temperature significantly higher than the empty van. Then when the vans were shut off, the van without liners went back to an interior temperature below freezing in only 2.5 hours, while the van with the liner was still at 47° after 4.5 hours. 

Legend continues to test our products so we can provide valuable proof of yet another reason why Insulated DuraTherm is more than necessary in a cargo van upfit. 

van floor mats

Rubber Cargo Floor Mat


Constructed of heavy-duty rubber. These mats offer effective protection from scratches, dents, and spills. The unique anti-skid, air cushion design looks good and muffles sound.

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Custom Rubber Bumper.
Without this in place, the rear bumper would get destroyed in a very short time frame. 

Custom Rubber Bumper.
Allows forklifts to load items without
damaging the van's rear bumper.

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