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Aerodynamic and Lightweight - 

Provides a versatile way to transport your cargo.

The AluRack features the industry’s original rolling bar, which makes it safe and easy to load items from the back of the truck. The lightweight, yet rugged design can carry your cargo and withstand challenging weather conditions.

Plus, the aerodynamic design looks modern, reduces fuel consumption and ensures almost silent travel.

Maintains vehicle warranty and resale value with no holes to drill.

Improve Productivity

  • Easily unload and load cargo with assistance from the standard rear roller.



  • Reduces injuries from climbing on wheel or bumper to access cargo.

Optional Retractable Ratchet Tie-Down

Secure materials quickly and easily.

AluRack in use:

Rear Door Access Ladder

Add capability and enhance worker safety

  • The rear door access ladder provides easy, safe access to items stored on the cargo van roof.

  • Users can easily maintain the standard three points of contact when climbing or descending this ladder.

  • It securely attaches to the cargo van rear door without drilling, thereby avoiding any damage to the bodywork and maintaining the vehicle’s integrity.

  • Its lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction is designed to last.

  • Available in standard bright anodized aluminum or optional black anodized aluminum finish.

  • Not only does this access ladder promote safety, its trendy design provides a professional image to fleets or users of any kind.

Rear Door Ladder gallery:

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