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Van Partitions


Maximum protection from your cargo!

Alliance Fleet sells and installs several brands and styles of steel, aluminum and one-piece composite van partitions.


BodyGuard Partitions

Composite Partitions

  • Bodyguard products are made from 3/16-gauge textured composite material for scratch resistance and quick cleaning.

  • A pre-assembled partition panel provides complete coverage without the added weight of steel or aluminum.

  • Available with or without polycarbonate window.

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bodyguard composites

Steel Partitions

  • High-quality steel van partitions protect the driver and allow for mounting accessories to the cargo or cab side for convenient storage.

  • Available with a hinged door for drivers that need easy access to the cargo area.

  • Non-glare black finish for superior rear and side visibility

  • Tough powder-coat finish provides scratch resistance

  • Steel partitions feature 6-inch set-back behind the driver and a 3-inch set-back behind the passenger for additional cargo space.

  • Steel wire mesh partitions also available for some van models.

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Masterack Partitions
Ranger Design Partitions

Aluminum Partitions

Ranger's van partitions are designed to withstand the most rigorous crash test standards in the industry.


They are contoured to maintain space for the seats and ensure the driver’s comfort while maximizing the cargo space of the van for a rattle-free, quiet ride.

Styles available:

  • Contoured partition, with or without polycarbonate window

  • Sliding door walk-through straight partition, with or without window

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Aluminum Sliding Door Partitions

  • J&M partitions are designed specifically to your van to provide a nearly air-tight fit.

  • Allows for superior climate and noise control in the cab.

  • Unhindered seat travel for taller drivers so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety.

  • Sliding door partitions available with a solid, screen, or glass window center panel. 

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J&M Partitions
Weather Guard Partitions

White Partitions

Single Piece Composite Partition:

  • Innovative profile design provides increased space in the cab allowing for improved driver comfort and storage space.

  • Tight fit provides improved climate control and noise reduction. 

  • Available with or without polycarbonate window.


Steel Panel Partition (not shown):

  • Heavy gauge steel is used on cargo van partition for strength and durability

  • Brite White ARMOR TUF® Powder Coat finish

  • Optional hinge kit converts partition into swinging door version

  • Exclusive 9" x 12" Dog Hatch™ door allows easy loading of long materials by utilizing the cab floor space

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