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Tommy Gate 650 Series Liftgates


Low-capacity, compact, and internally-mounted, the 650 Series is the ideal liftgate for lightweight van applications. The 650 Series models fold up and store out of the way of ordinary tasks or flat against the inside of the rear door.

  • Liftgate Capacity: 650 lbs

  • Hydraulic System: Single-cylinder

  • Van Lift Location: Internal mounting

Tommy Gate
Tommy Gate Original Series Liftgates



Constructed with the same high-quality pumps and motors found in all other Tommy Gate lifts, Original Series liftgates use military aircraft-grade cable for added strength.

  • Liftgate Capacity: 1000 lbs

  • Hydraulic System: Single-cylinder

  • Lift Style: Parallel-arm



The latest in liftgate technology, the V2 Series by Tommy Gate provides the maximum platform loading area while occupying the smallest possible space when stored in the rear of the van.

  • Liftgate Capacity: 1100lbs

  • Hydraulic System: Dual-cylinder

  • Van Lift Location: Internal mounting

Tommy Gate V2 Series Liftgates
Tommy Gate Cantilever Series Liftgates



The Tommy Gate Cantilever Series is a modern hydraulic lift that is specifically designed to operate seamlessly with commercial vans.The platform is constructed from corrosion-resistant aluminum and folds laterally, allowing for access to the rear of the vehicle without operating the lift.

  • Liftgate Capacity: 1300 lbs

  • Hydraulic System: Single-cylinder

  • Cantilever Style: Level-ride

Contact us for more information on Tommy Gate Liftgates.

Maxon Liftgates

A leader in liftgates for over 60 years.

Maxon's light duty liftgates are designed to provide easy, safe, and cost-effective lifting of light to moderate loads. Maxon's product line features light duty options for pickup trucks, service bodies, stakebed, van bodies and cargo vans.

Maxon's Light Duty Series liftgates are built with high performance and low maintenance in mind.

Maxon Liftgates - Cargo Vans

Cargo Vans

  • Liftgate Capacity: 1300 lbs

  • Platform: Aluminum

Maxon Liftgates - Pickup Trucks

Pickup Trucks

  • Liftgate Capacity: 1300-1500 lbs

  • Platform: Steel or  Aluminum

Maxon Liftgates - Stakebeds


  • Liftgate Capacity: 1500 lbs

  • Platform: Steel or Aluminum

Maxon Liftgates - Service Bodies

Service Bodies

  • Liftgate Capacity: 1300-1600 lbs

  • Platform: Steel or Aluminum

Contact us for more information on Maxon Liftgates.

Since 1993

PALFINGER Cargo Van Liftgate
Palfinger Liftgte

Fleet operators rely on liftgate technology.

Palfinger Liftgates is a premier and cost effective provider of liftgates, offering the following cargo van liftgates.

  • MINIFIX - 1,100 - 1,320 lb. capacities
    External mounted solution for panel van applications.

  • CITIFIX - 1,100 lb. capacity
    Internal mounted solution for panel van applications.


Contact our California location (below) for more information on Palfinger Liftgates.

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