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Backup Camera Systems
BrandMotion: safer cars today
BrandMotion FullVUE Rear Camera Mirror

FullVUE Rear Camera Mirror

See More Than Ever Before

  • Replaces your vehicles mirror

  • Touch Screen Functionality

  • Front & Rear Cameras

  • Built in DVR recording - F&R

  • 32 GB SD Card

  • Potential Insurance Benefits

Brandmotion’s latest FullVUE™ Mirror is here to reset your driving experience by helping you see what you’ve never seen before. This versatile new safety and convenience aid replaces your current rearview mirror with a live streaming full HD video screen. It improves on your traditional mirror by providing a clear, crisp view of exactly what you need to see with no obstructions of passengers, cargo or small rear windows. It comes with unbeatable features and a commitment to driver peace of mind.

Professionally installed at our NY, NC and CA locations.

FullVUE™ Rear Camera Mirror - back / camera view
RVS A Safe Fleet Brand

Backup Camera Systems from Rear View Safety for cargo vans, delivery vans, and other large vehicles.

Example Products


This 1/3" Sharp® CCD Color Camera is built with heavy duty zinc metal which encases the 2.5 mm Sharp® lens. It has a viewing angle of 130° and 620 TV lines, which means you get the best quality image with no blind spots. The 18 infra-red lights allow you to see up to 50 feet even in the darkest of night, and the foam around the lens guarantees no glare from these infra-reds.


The 5" TFT LCD Color Monitor comes with a Super Sharp Digital Display and a pixel resolution of 800 x 480. It comes with distance grid lines and a built-in speaker to hear audio from the backup camera. On dash back lit buttons allow for easy menu navigation and an included remote provides an even easier navigation option.


The Wireless Backup Camera is designed to mount flush on the back of the vehicle but comes with a
mounting bracket as a second option. Its MT9V136 lens gives you a viewing angle of 130° and 480 TV lines for the best quality image. The 9 infra-red lights on this camera provide perfect night vision up to 30 feet, with an extremely strong weatherproof casing for extreme weather conditions.


This Mirror Monitor attaches to the windshield, either connecting to or replacing the existing rear view mirror and connects wirelessly to the backup camera. Its reflective surface allows it to act both as a rear view mirror and as a monitor for the backup camera. The Wireless Mirror Monitor comes with a 4.3" TFT LCD Digital Display and its menu can be navigated with the on dash buttons.

Contact us today for information on Backup Camera Systems for your vehicle!


ECCO camera systems protect people, equipment and reputations!

ECCO Backup Cameras


ECCO backup camera systems have crystal clear displays and wide fields of view. It's like having eyes in the back of your head.

ECCO Backup Alarms


Available in a variety of sizes and compliant specifications, back-up alarms from ECCO have compact housings, rugged construction, and are epoxy sealed against dust, moisture and vibration.

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