Ultimate Power's inverter-chargers are low-frequency, transformer-based systems designed to power ample loads over an extended period of time. They feature a non-corrosive exterior cabinet, internal ventilation fans to dispense heat, heavy duty fittings and plastic assembly, a GFCI outlet and a terminal block to hard wire AC input and output. 



Unit Protection

  • Automatic Overload/Short Circuit Protection

  • Automatic High Battery Alarm and Shutdown at 16Vdc

  • Automatic Over-Temperature Alarm and Shutdown

  • Thermally Controlled Cooling Fan

Battery Protection

  • Automatic Low Battery Alarm selectable at 11 or 10.5Vdc

  • Automatic Low Battery Shutdown selectable at 10.5 or 10Vdc

  • Over Temperature

  • High Battery or Low Battery

Power Inverters
Pure Sine Inverter-Chargers 
“LP” Series (Low Profile)
600W and 1000W
“SD” Series (Square Design)
1500W, 2000W,2500W, 3000W and 4000W

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