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Interior Liners

Floor, wall and ceiling liners for interior protection and a professional finished look.

BedRug Van Mats

BEDRUG van mats are specifically molded to fit your make and model so they look great and fit like a glove, creating a void-free cushioned surface. Not only will VANTRED and VANRUG protect your van, they will provide impact and cargo protection as well as acting as a heat and noise insulator.

These tough materials are resistant to gas, oil, bleach, battery acid and other harsh chemicals, while being completely waterproof, they won’t mold or mildew.  Just clean them with a hose, power washer or vacuum.

vantred cargo mat


With its custom 1/2" polypropylene foam backing the VanTred provides a rugged anti-skid rubber work surface.

vanrug cargo mat


With its custom foam backing the VanRug gives you the look and comfort of carpet, in an ultra-tough 100% polypropylene (essentially plastic) product.


Legend Fleet Solutions has become a leader in fleet vehicle rigid flooring, rubber mats, and cargo-space wall liners. Their meticulously crafted products are designed to help mediate interior temperature, decrease road noise, and increase resale values, to name a few.

LEGEND FLEET - Rigid Flooring and Rubber Mats

Rigid Flooring

A rigid floor eliminates the unevenness of the factory steel floor and creates a flat, safe working area. All Legend Fleet Solutions floors are excellent for anti-slip and are precut to fit each fleet vehicle.



Stabiligrip offers maximum efficiency and safety for technicians and the fleet vehicle, with an impact and puncture resistant floor to protect from damage. Built with the toughest proprietary blend of recycled products, its versatility can be used in a wide variety of applications.

HD Ultrafloor

HD Ultrafloor

Ultrafloor is constructed from a HDPE plastic composite that is 100% recycled. This is the most durable flooring in its class, and holds up through a range of temperature conditions. A perfect option for vehicles loaded by forklifts.

HD Ultragrip

HD Ultragrip

This floor is constructed from a composite HDPE plastic with a rubberized TPO coating. Its non-porous characteristics ensure it will not absorb any form of liquid which helps eliminate the formation of both mold and bacteria. 



This is a 9 ply birch hardwood that is ½ inch thick and extremely rigid. An excellent option when fastening equipment to the floor.

Rubber Mats

Non-slip rubber flooring products will protect your precious cargo and your employees as well.

Automat Bar

Automat Bar

This ¼ inch rubber mat is extremely durable. The checker plate pattern provides excellent grip reducing shifting cargo. The one piece construction enables you to have a seamless mat, easy installation, and easy removal for cleaning.



ArmorMat provides a superb raised nylon reinforced rubber surface in a checker plate pattern. This surface is extremely durable and includes fiber reinforcement for use with the heaviest of cargo. 

Insulated DuraTherm Wall Liners

Insulated DuraTherm Wall Liners

  • Dual polypropylene outer skins backed with foam and foil insulation.

  • Noise-deadening material and temperature control, for a quiet and comfortable environment.

  • Lightweight, precision-cut and pre-drilled.

DuraTherm Ceiling Liners

DuraTherm Ceiling Liners

  • Ceiling liners helps with sound deadening and temperature control.

  • Ceiling liners provide a clean finished look that help make any mobile workplace look more professional.

  • Made from DuraTherm plastic, available in white and grey.

 Aluminum Sills

Aluminum Sills

  • Side and rear sills are used to protect the floor at the side and rear entrance to the cargo van where traffic is the highest. 

  • Made from high-grade aluminum, these sills are good for any van application, especially when loading with a forklift and for increasing safety. 

  • A raised finish also ensures excellent grip.

  • Protects and preserves the edges of your floor liner.

Wheel Well Covers

Wheel Well Covers

  • Covers allow full protection of all bare metal panels. In a cargo van, the wheel wells are one of the first things to dent and damage quickly.

  • Significantly deaden loud wheel and road noise by closing in wheel wells.

  • With a layer of foiled insulation, wheel well covers complete the insulation of the van’s interiors.

  • Enhance your brand and appearance.

Currently available for Transit, ProMaster, and Sprinter. Not available for Dual Wheel or Super Single Vehicles.

Available for:

  • RAM ProMaster

  • Mercedes Metris / Sprinter

  • Ford Transit

  • Nissan NV

  • Chevy Express / GMC Savana

RAM Promaster
Merceds Sprinter
Ford Transit
Nissan NV
Chevy Express / GMC Savana

Contact us to  install flooring or liners in your van, in-conjunction with your other up-fitting needs.

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