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Van Partitions

Steel, Aluminum or Composite

Masterack Steel Partition

Steel Partitions

Standard Steel Partitions and Attachment Panels:

  • Maximum security from cargo

  • Solid left panel / Hinged middle door / Perforated right panel

  • Non-glare black finish for superior rear and side visibility

  • Tough powder-coat finish provides scratch resistance

  • Steel partitions feature 6-inch set-back behind driver for reclining room, 3-inch set-back behind passenger for additional cargo space

  • Choose from full length welded wire or heavy-duty steel

  • Wire partitions offer increased rear visibility

Recommended: Door can be bolted shut, then unbolted later if a working door is preferred.


Composite Partitions


Bodyguard Van Partitions help protect the driver and passenger from the dangers of flying forward cargo, also making your van quieter and better organized.  


Made from heavy-duty composite material and reinforced with steel ribs, this partition offers complete coverage without the added weight of a steel or aluminum design.


Aluminum Partitions


J&M Partitions are designed specifically to your vehicle and provide the best fit on the market.


The nearly air-tight fit allows for superior climate control in the cab and greatly reduces the risk of fumes or odors from entering the cabin.


It also provides ample noise suppression, giving you a nice quiet ride and environment to communicate.



  • Made from 100% aluminum, our partitions are designed to keep loose tools from ever injuring the driver

  • In the event of a break-in, it separates the cabin from the cargo area keeping thieves from getting to your valuable equipment.

  • Available in a solid, screen, or glass window center panel.

  • Sliding door version with most of the same great advantages while giving you quicker access to your cargo area without being exposed to outside environment.

Partition Installations with added Accessories

Available for:

  • RAM ProMaster

  • Mercedes Metris / Sprinter

  • Ford Transit

  • Nissan NV

  • Chevy Express / GMC Savana

RAM Promaster
Merceds Sprinter
Ford Transit
Nissan NV
Chevy Express / GMC Savana

Contact us to  install a partition, in-conjunction with your other up-fitting needs.

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